Hennessey building 12 1000 horsepower CTS-V Coupes

The performance tuning firm plans to offer limited edition 1000-hp 2012 Cadillac CTS-V coupes, starting at $225,000.

Liane Yvkoff
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Liane Yvkoff
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If you've been eyeing a Cadillac CTS-V Coupe but feel like 556 horsepower just isn't going to cut it, perhaps Hennessey Performance's limited-edition Caddies are more your speed. The performance turning house plans to produce a dozen 1000 horsepower Twin Turbo CTS-V Coupes next year that have been customized inside and out.

The performance-tuning house has been offering 1000 horsepower Cadillacs for a while, but setting the limited-edition CTS-V apart from other souped-up Caddies is its modified body and custom interior. Like the V1000 upgrade offered on all CTS flavors, the sports coupe will be outfitted with twin turbo chargers, V1000 camshaft, fuel lines and pumps, air intakes, and other goodies. These modifications increase the four-seater's output to 1000 horsepower with 950 pound-feet of torque, drop its 0-60 time to 3.5 seconds, and raise the top speed to 230 mph. But on top of that, the 2012 V1000 Twin Turbo CTS-V Coupe will get 20x10 inch wheels in the front and 20x13 inch wheels in the rear, ride 1-inch lower to the ground, and receive special tuning for its magnetic ride control.

View of Hennessey's suped up Caddy from the rear.
View of Hennessey's suped up Caddy from the rear. Hennessey Performance

The interior will also receive a makeover, including an Alcantara headliner, upgraded leather and stitching, and carbon fiber door sills to name a few touches. To complete the package, buyers can opt for the CarbonAero widebody upgrade, which adds a carbon fiber front splitter, rear diffuser, front fenders, and rear fender flares.

All in, the 2012 V1000 Twin Turbo CTS-V Coupe will retail for $275,000, or you can skip the wide-body package and pay only $225,000. But if you just want the horsepower, the V1000 engine performance upgrade is $69,950 with no other driveline or body upgrades. In that case, you have to provide the Caddy.

Source: Lostinasupermarket.com