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Gordon Murray T50 reveal: Watch the McLaren F1 spiritual successor's debut

This could be the purest supercar in recent times.

Hopefully you haven't forgotten about the Gordon Murray Automotive T50 because it's here. The car penned and engineered to evoke the McLaren F1's spirit looks like quite the machine on paper.

And you can watch the livestream reveal right here, embedded above before reading all about the analog-only supercar.

In the meantime, if you're not up to speed on the T50, let us guide you through what to expect -- and why this car has a lot of hype surrounding it. The name is from that same Professor Gordon Murray responsible for the McLaren F1. You know, the poster car for '90s kids bedrooms.

Murray has long said he wants the T50 to be the purest kind of supercar, and the credentials we know of back it up so far. We know there will be a Cosworth-sourced V12 engine. And yes, this is a fan car. The fan, in a basic sense, helps channel air to either improve downforce or reduce drag. When the driver wants less drag, various aero modes unlock up to 30 extra horsepower for a grand total of 700 hp from the car. Oh, and the T50's engine revs to 12,100 rpm.

GMA last teased the T50 this past December and eyed a May debut date. The coronavirus put the kibosh on those plans, but in the meantime, the supercar spent time in the Racing Point Formula One team's air tunnel to ensure the aero is just right. Now, we finally get to see the professor at work once again.