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Geneva auto show plays host to exotic power and futuristic frugality

Automakers previewed a number of new cars and concepts for the upcoming Geneva auto show, which promises to be a showcase for the future of the automobile.


Switzerland has set itself as neutral ground in Europe, a role it plays every year between the automotive manufacturing powerhouses of Germany and France. The International Motor Show in Geneva gives equal time to not only the regional automakers, but interlopers from the United States and Asia.

Geneva's proximity to the wealthy gearheads of Monaco also assures a good mix of exotic and specialty carmakers. CNET will be covering the show's press days, sending back photos, video, and stories during the week of March 5.

Here are some of the cars we expect to see.

Ferrari F12berlinetta

Ferrari F12berlinetta
A new model from Ferrari is always good news. The new GT car more than replaces the outgoing 599, it kicks it right out the door. The F12berlinetta breaks out with 740 horsepower, staking its claim as the most powerful Ferrari ever.

Toyota FT-Bh sketch

Toyota FT-Bh concept
A new hybrid from Toyota is always intriguing news. Toyota has released very little information about this concept, except to note that it will use modern, practical materials to demonstrate a new efficient hybrid. We will be looking for something that can break the current Prius' 50 mpg fuel economy.

Nissan Invitation concept

Nissan Invitation concept
Nissan has produced a few oddball cars recently, but has not demonstrated a very cohesive vision for its model lineup. We are hoping the new Invitation concept, a smart-looking little city car, is the herald of a new design language from the company.

Mercedes-Benz A-class

Mercedes-Benz A-class Siri integration
In a move we can definitely appreciate, Mercedes-Benz will show off a new infotainment system in its A-class based around the iPhone. And rumors are that Mercedes-Benz will be adding the A-class to its U.S. model lineup.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible Concept
Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque convertible concept
All the awards received by the Evoque must have gone to Land Rover's collective head, as it will show off a convertible concept of the little SUV. We are shaking our heads at this one, which looks like a mistake. But we will check it out in person to see if it can possibly look good.

Click our Geneva show coverage page to see more stories during the week of March 5.