Garmin Nuvi 500 has multiple personalities

The new Garmin Nuvi 500 series of GPS devices offers various maps and navigation tools for use in the car, boat, bicycle, or on foot.

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Bonnie Cha

For those movers and shakers who cruise on four wheels, two wheels, by sea, and even hit the pavement with their own two feet, we've got a do-it-all GPS unit for you. The new Garmin Nuvi 500 series, which consists of the Nuvi 500 and the Nuvi 550, has multiple modes that let you use the portable navigation device (PND) in the car, on a boat, on foot, or strapped to a bicycle. Both models feature a rugged design, waterproof casing, and accept different types of map via an SD expansion slot, including topographic maps and Blue Chart cartography for marine use.

Some other cool features include built-in compass, integrated Wherigo and Geocaching player, and Garmin Connect Photos, which lets you search and choose geolocated images from Google's Panoramio. Of course, you get the usual turn-by-turn text- and voice-guided driving directions, millions of points of interest, and traffic avoidance. Both models are expected to ship in Q3 with a suggested retail price of $499.99.