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Formula E cars undergo rhinoplasty for third season of all-electric racing

The front is reminiscent of the front wing for the RoboRace series, and its top portion helps separate it from other FIA Formula series.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

Formula E is unlike any other FIA Formula series. Now, it's separating itself further with one serious addition to its front end, which should not only give the car a bit of character, but it might help with the aerodynamics, too.

Ahead of its third season, Formula E added a second tier to its front wing. Look at IndyCar or Formula 1, and you'll see that most open-wheelers stick with a single-tier wing, featuring loads of complicated (and expensive) aerodynamic bits. The only other two-tier wing that immediately comes to mind is on the RoboRace concept, although the Formula E version is a bit toned down.

Formula E isn't your average open-wheel series. The cars are fully electric, so instead of stopping halfway through the race to refuel, drivers pull into the garage, jump into a fully charged second car and take back off. Save for some electric whine and transmission noise, the cars are damn near silent.

It's also picking up some big names, despite being a relatively new series. Jaguar is using Formula E to stage its triumphant return to motorsport, and Faraday Future is partnering up with a team to introduce its name into a new arena. Formula E will also host RoboRace, a fully autonomous racing series. Talk about being on the cutting edge.

Formula E
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