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Ford's next Shelby Mustang is a track-only racing brute

The FP350S is meant for a number of road racing events, but you'll need a trailer to get it from track to track.

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R is a hell of a performer on both the road and track. But if you want something a bit more hardcore, you'll have to ditch the idea of it being legal on the road.

Ford's latest creation is the Shelby FP350S, a Mustang that's all about the track. It's not street legal -- it's designed to participate in a number of racing series, including Trans Am, NASA and SCCA club racing. It's akin to previous track-only models like the FR500C and Boss 302R.

The FP350S graphics are optional, in case your team has better ideas.


The FP350S packs a 5.2-liter V8 prepared by Ford Performance. There's a six-point, FIA-compliant roll cage, a quick-release steering wheel, a performance oil pan and cooler, a six-speed Tremec 3160 manual transmission with a 3.73 rear final drive ratio and an exhaust that's loud enough to wake someone up two towns over.

There's also a smattering of race-ready parts like suspension components, unique electric power steering calibrations and a high-performance braking system. A Ford Performance splitter and adjustable rear wing help keep the shiny side up. In order to monitor a driver's performance and offer methods to improve, a Motec data acquisition system comes installed, as well.

Right now, Ford Performance's website doesn't list a price, but the FP350S will not be cheap. Ford still offers the Boss 302R on its site, and it retails for $134,995, which is not an insignificant chunk of change, even for a racing team. The FP350S will probably cost a bit more, even though it's considered an "entry-level" racer.

If you see one of these in your rearview, pull over, because you've accidentally driven onto a racetrack.