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Ford presents unified tech vision in Evos concept

The Ford Evos concept not only shows off a new design direction, but encapsulates a number of other technologies, from power train to connected cabin electronics. The Evos will be shown off at the 2011 Frankfurt auto show.

Ford Evos concept
Ford will present its Evos concept car at the 2011 Frankfurt auto show, using it to showcase a variety of different technologies. Ford

When Ford unveils its Evos concept at the 2011 Frankfurt auto show, the company doesn't want you to focus on the car itself. Similar to the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive shown at the last Geneva auto show, which showed off an entire technology environment, the Evos concept demonstrates how Ford's technologies can integrate with your life.

The Evos concept bundles just about every technology on which Ford has been working, creating a holistic vision of how a future car would integrate with your life. The Evos is designed as a connected vehicle, and can do things like continue playing the song you were listening to at home just before you got in the car. It would know your calendar and driving habits. If you drive to work every day at 8 a.m., the Evos would prep itself ahead of time, doing things such as prewarming or cooling the cabin. Ford even suggests that, if someone cancels a meeting on your calendar, it could reset your alarm clock.

The plug-in hybrid system used in the Evos is very real, as it will power the C-Max Energi slated for production next year. Ford says the Evos would adapt its power train, along with steering and suspension, to its driver and environment. For example, if driving through a mandated low-emission zone, it would automatically maximize its electric drive. With an aggressive driver out on a mountain road, the car automatically increases throttle response and stiffens the suspension.

And although Ford says we won't see a production version of the Evos hitting the streets (a shame, as it is an attractive car), it shows off new styling, which builds on the Kinetic design language used in the new Fiesta. The trapezoidal grille is already a familiar feature on some current vehicles, but Ford says strong geometrical forms, as seen with the slit headlights, will be incorporated in future cars. Also note the simple, strong, belt-line down the side, and the strong rear fender.

Ford also created a video in conjunction with the Evos concept, to demonstrate how it would fit into your life.