Ford GT40, GT70 and GT all in one place

The Ford GT40 is one of those cars that pretty much everyone knows about, but few have ever seen in the metal, let alone driven. So we decided to get the GT40 together with fellow unicorns, the GT70 and GT, to take a look at what makes a Ford GT quite so special.

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I won't lie -- the day we shot this was one of the best of my professional life. There's little to prepare you for the sight of cars like the Ford GT40, GT70, and GT waiting in a lorry so you can take them for a spin around Castle Combe circuit.

All three cars live with Ford's Heritage chaps -- a group of people who not only love the cars they work on, but actively encourage you to have some fun in their steeds because "That's what they're there for." My kinda guys.

There have only really been three proper Ford GT cars. The GT40 is world famous, obviously, and an utter joy to drive. Yes, it requires some serious work and it's an utter sod to get in and out of thanks to its oddly shaped doors and seats that you don't so much sit in but lie on, but once you're squeezed in there you're golden.

The GT70? Well that's a proper slice of rocking horse poo. Fewer than 10 ever turned a wheel, so being given the chance to drive one was quite a treat. Even if it did turn out to be something of a challenge to drive ...

Ford GT40, Ford GT70, and Ford GT on track (pictures)

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The Ford GT is a car that I've been itching to drive since its launch. The only problem there is that it was launched before I could legally drive (just). What's wonderful about it is just how easy it is to steer -- you could throw a Fiesta driving granny into the hot seat and she'd have an easy time of it. That said, it's not a bear I want to provoke since it doesn't have traction control but does have ALL OF THE TORQUE.

Some of you may be wondering where the GT90 is in all of this. Well ... there's only one (to our knowledge) and we have no idea who owns it. Also, while it was supposed to be "the ultimate supercar," to our knowledge it was never driven with its quad turbos attached. Not so super, then. Still, some people find it pretty.

I'm not one of them. It looks like a Rubik's Cube.

Anyway. We've tried to tell the Ford GT story as best we can. The cars were incredible, their stories more so. Enjoy the piece.

Oh, and on the day it would have been rude not to drag race the three unicorns. Here's what happened.