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Ford Recalls 198,000 Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs Over Fire Risk

2015 Lincoln Navigator
Over 35,000 Navigators are involved in this recall.

What's happening

Ford and Lincoln are recalling 198,482 Expedition and Navigator SUVs due to a fire risk, possibly originating from the front blower motor.

Why it matters

Ford has not yet identified an exact cause of the problem, but is aware of 25 allegations of vehicle fires in Expeditions and Navigators from the 2015-2017 model years.

What's next

The affected vehicles will have their blower motors replaced with a revised setup.

More than 198,000 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs are being recalled due to the risk of interior fires, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced this week. Of the 198,482 affected vehicles, 163,253 are Expeditions and 35,229 are Navigators, all from the 2015-2017 model years.

Ford has not yet identified the exact cause of this problem, but it's believed to be the front blower motor, located behind the SUV's glovebox. "Some customers have reported an inoperative fan, burning smell and/or smoke from the instrument panel vents while the vehicle is on," NHTSA said in its recall report (PDF).

According to Ford's recall timeline (PDF), the company is aware of 25 fire allegations, 13 of which "were localized fires in the blower motor area" while the remaining 12 "involved more extensive damage to the vehicle with three instances of property damage to structures and one to nearby vehicles."

Owners of the affected vehicles will have a revised front blower motor assembly installed free of charge. "The remedy component is a different blower motor design utilized on other applications," NHTSA said.

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