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Ford launches Driveway Dealership AR experience for 2021 F-150 buyers

Now you can explore the new F-150 through your phone or tablet, and avoid the dealership experience altogether.

Maybe it's time to upgrade that old graphics card, Ford.

Even before all of this coronavirus pandemic stuff, people didn't seem to like going to car dealers. The experience was always awkward and uncomfortable, and if you didn't live near a dealer (or the dealer you wanted), it was inconvenient, too.

That's why it's cool that Ford is turning those particular lemons into lemonade by launching a new program called Driveway Dealership, which it announced on Thursday. No, it doesn't mean that hungry-eyed men in cheap suits and cheaper cologne will aimlessly prowl your driveway looking for customers. 

Instead, it's an augmented-reality experience that will allow people interested in the 2021 F-150 to virtually explore the vehicle inside and out from the comfort of their homes. Of course, if you actually want to buy the truck, you'll have to either go to a dealership or utilize Ford's online buying process, which, depending on your dealer, can be done totally remotely, up until they do a contact-free delivery to your home.

Unfortunately, Ford's only doing this Driveway Dealership thing with the '21 F-150, but maybe if it's a success, it will expand to other parts of the lineup. Less than impressive is the fact that -- at least in the press materials -- the digital exterior of the F-150 looks like a Grand Theft Auto-on-medium-quality render. Not exactly photo-realistic, but at least the interior view is much better.

Beyond all the augmented reality stuff, Ford is also holding a sweepstakes for people who use Driveway Dealership to potentially win a 2021 F-150 of their own. 

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