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Ford Bronco race SUVs storm Ultra4 off-road racing series

Prepped specifically for the series, the SUVs make their debut at the King of the Hammers this week.

Ford Bronco Ultra4 race SUV

We've seen the Ford Bronco go racing at the Baja 1000, but now, Ford's ready to do something a little different. On Monday, the Blue Oval revealed its Ultra4-series prepped Bronco race SUVs, which will make their debut in the dirt this week. Ford said their expedition goes hand-in-hand with the Built Wild program, which aims to prove to the world that the Bronco comes from the toughest heritage.

The automaker will field three Broncos in the King of the Hammers event this Saturday in California as part of the Ultra4 4400 unlimited class, with Vaughn Gittin Jr., Loren Healy and Jason Scherer taking the wheels of each. Gittin and Scherer are both three-time winners at the event. 

Their steed will be a special Bronco with custom tubular chassis and custom 4x4 systems that build upon the production Bronco's Goes Over All Types of Terrain system. You likely know it as GOAT mode. Long-travel shocks and big ol' off-road tires round out the changes for race duty outside. Inside, the interior includes Pro Pacer XL ORV race shells from Recaro, which are the first to wear FIA sanctioning and off-road certification.

None of this even mentions the super rad liveries each racing SUV wears. They'll probably look even better covered in dirt.

You can watch the week's events, including the Bronco's big race on Saturday, at

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