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Ford Bronco color hard top roof option pushed to 2023 amid supplier woes

Hard-top problems continue for Ford's new Bronco, but the Blue Oval will try and do right by customers with a couple solutions.

2021 Ford Bronco
Soft tops or bust, for now, essentially.

Bad news for those waiting on a 2021 Ford Bronco, specifically an SUV with a hard-top roof. According to an email Ford sent to those with a reservation and order for the vehicle, the color hard-top option will not be available until 2023. That is, unless you want a carbonized gray colored hard top. Otherwise, Ford said in an email viewed by Roadshow, "challenges with our hard top roof supplier continue to impact our plans."

In addition, the company said it needs to build "more soft tops than planned," meaning it won't be able to only focus on customer orders. In other words, some people may experience delays when watching the digital timeline for their Bronco's build and delivery date.

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However, Ford wants to try and keep those in the Bronco's corral happy, so it promised that anyone who made a reservation before March 19, 2021 will be locked into their current MSRP. This is specifically for those who want to wait for a 2023 model year Bronco, if they want a colored hard top other than gray. Further, Broncos built starting in September will receive a free hard top prep kit. 

For customers that simply don't want to wait for their hard top Bronco, they can order a soft top model instead with the prep kit. With the kit, they can purchase a hard top at a later date and enjoy super easy installation. But, again, there won't be a hard top in various finishes until 2023. Those who want to swap to a soft top must contact their dealer by July 16, the email said.

Bronco production is officially underway, but hopefully, we don't see any other hiccups as Ford works to get the highly anticipated SUVs out into the wild.