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Ford celebrates 10 million Mustangs in proper fashion

Even the P-51 Mustang is getting involved, despite it not being a car.

Here's Mustang #10,000,000, rocking its Wimbledon White paint job with a 460-horsepower V8 under the hood. Oh, how far we've come.
Mike Levine/Ford

54 years after entering production for the first time, Ford has managed to achieve something impressive -- 10 million Mustangs. Building 10 million of anything is impressive, but a car? Dang.

Ford has put together a proper celebration to commemorate 8 digits' worth of pony cars rolling out of factories across the country over the last half-century. The automaker has gathered one Mustang from every model year, and they're parading from Ford's headquarters in Dearborn to the Flat Rock Assembly Plant where the Mustang is currently built.

The parade will end with the Mustangs spelling out the milestone in one of Flat Rock's giant parking lots. And, just for kicks, there'll be a P-51 Mustang flyover. That's a proper celebration, if you ask me.

Ford also let slip details about Mustang #10,000,000. It's a 2019 GT convertible painted in Wimbledon White, packing a 460-horsepower V8 mated to a six-speed manual transmission. The first serialized Mustang off the line also carried a V8, but its transmission had half the forward speeds and just 164 horsepower. 

The Mustang is on a tear lately. Not only has it been honed for the 2018 model year with a raft of tech and performance improvements, it brought back the classic Mustang Bullitt for the 2019 model year. With 480 horsepower on tap and enough nostalgia to have you rifling through old VHS boxes to find your copy of Steve McQueen's movie of the same name, it's practically a classic already. We even took to the streets of San Francisco in an attempt to capture the essence of one of cinema's best car chases ever.

The first Mustang sold might have been Gail Wise's baby blue convertible, but this white one here was the first serialized Mustang to roll off the line.

Mike Levine/Ford