Follow the virtual line

Making Virtual Solid shows off its Virtual Cable technology for route guidance on GPS navigation systems.

Wayne Cunningham Managing Editor / Roadshow
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Wayne Cunningham

Virtual Cable projection
With Virtual Cable, you use the red line projected on the windshield for route guidance. Making Virtual Solid

A company with the unwieldy name of Making Virtual Solid has developed a new way for drivers to follow GPS directions, a virtual line projected onto a car's windshield. The technology, called Virtual Cable, uses existing heads-up-display components and standard GPS navigation systems, but would have to be factory-installed. From videos on the company's site, the system looks very usable, and a big improvement over current route guidance systems. The beauty of Virtual Cable is that it shows route guidance over real streets, as opposed to navigation screens, which show arrows on a map that the driver then has to mentally translate to the view out the windshield. Making Virtual Solid hasn't announced any deals with automakers or OEMs at this date, so it will be at least a few years before we see Virtual Cable projected onto the screen of any production cars.

(Source: Edmund's Straightline)