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Ferrari GTC4Lusso, despite being amazing, exits production

It seems like anyone looking for a Ferrari with some utility will need to wait for the marque's SUV.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso
Sigh. Goodbye.

The GTC4Lusso is by far Ferrari's most interesting vehicle in production. Well, most interesting vehicle that was in production.

Motor1 first reported on Monday that Ferrari confirmed the shooting-brake supercar of sorts is now out of production. The confirmation, curiously, flies in the face of previous reports that Ferrari said the model was not on the chopping block. It's not clear what may have changed since then, but Ferrari told Roadshow in a statement, "In accordance with its five-year model strategy announced in 2017 and the company's standard model life cycle, Ferrari has phased out production of the GTC4Lusso and GTC4Lusso T."

Aside from the gorgeous design and usable cargo space, the GTC4Lusso packs a 6.3-liter V12 engine with 681 horsepower and power flows to all four wheels. It's not your average utility vehicle. And if the V12 isn't enough, Ferrari more recently added the rear-wheel drive GTC4Lusso T with the company's twin-turbo 3.9-liter V8. It makes 602 hp. Either way, the car looks great, sounds good and goes fast -- basically three hallmark Ferrari attributes.

With the GTC4Lusso out, it seems anyone in need of a Ferrari with some utility will need to wait for the company's upcoming SUV. Officially called the Purosangue, which translates to "thoroughbred" from Italian, there will still be a traditional internal-combustion engine, but also a hybrid option too. All-wheel drive will be on the menu and a dual-clutch transmission will ensure the power finds its way to the wheels.

The Purosangue should come in the next couple years, but there's no doubt we'll collectively miss the GTC4Lusso. A lot.

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