Ferrari 599 HGTE video review: Your new favourite supercar

Want a peek inside a Ferrari 599? Want to see what it's like to climb in, slide the key inside, flick the flappy paddle gearbox into neutral and unleash 620bhp? Of course you do!

Rory Reid
2 min read

Psst! Want a peek inside a Ferrari 599 HGTE? Want to see what it's like to climb in the driver's seat, slide the key inside, swish the flappy paddle gearbox into neutral and unleash 620bhp of snarling Italian power? Yeah, of course you do.

We've already published our full review of this magnificent beast, but it's about time we showed you, as only Car Tech can, the inner workings of the Ferrari 599. Hit the play button above and we'll show you how to start the engine without the car itself reporting you to the police.

You'll see what the LCD screen on the dashboard is for, how one misguided flick of the manettino switch on the steering wheel can put you in a wheelchair, and what happens when you take one of these things on the track.

We'll also show you what the Ferrari 599 has in common with the Terminator T-1000 (big hint -- it's the shape-shifting liquid metal in its suspension system) and walk you through the car's extensive list of unbelievably expensive options.

Did you know, for example, that the HGTE handling package on our test car, which lowers the aforementioned suspension slightly, costs £14,264? Or that treated leather upholstery for the interior costs £4,324? Or that the Bose hi-fi will set you back £2,025? No, and you probably had no idea that finishing the engine bay with a splash of carbon fibre will cost you £5,252. But it does.

We don't mind all that, though, because the Ferrari 599 HGTE is biblical. It's wonderful. It's epic. It is, you'll be embarrassed to learn, better than your favourite supercar. Don't believe us? Hit the play button on the video above, soak it all up, then let us know if there's a finer vehicle by leaving a comment in the section below.