Upgraded Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO is ready to devour racetracks

Ferrari showed its new customer race car alongside a new 488 GT3 race car.

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Sean Szymkowski
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Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO
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Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO

Race cars are cool. Ferrari race cars are cooler.


The Ferrari Challenge series has a new face. Meet the Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO, the latest race car for owners looking to jump into the world of motorsport where it's all Ferrari, all the time.

The Italian marque revealed the latest customer race car for its one-make racing series at a dedicated event in Italy this weekend. There, it also showed the latest 488 GT3 race car, which will tackle professional racing duties around the globe. While the 488 Challenge EVO is hardly a clean-sheet redesign, it sports numerous upgrades for more competitive racing. And it looks better than ever, if I may say so.

Up front, the fascia dons larger intakes and a U-shaped center intake, which Ferrari said sends more cool air to the brakes. Said brakes are carbon-ceramic units that the marque said won't wear down as easily, either. The reworked front end additionally adds a new splitter, canards and, overall, far more menacing looks. Of course, this is motorsport. These changes are not just for show; the company said the race car is 30% more aerodynamic than the outgoing 488 Challenge.

Ferrari didn't leave the rear fascia alone, though. A new bumper includes vents behind the wheel arches and the engine bay for increased cooling capability. A new rear diffusor surely helps the 488 Challenge EVO stick to the track even better, too. So will the new Pirelli racing slicks that wrap 19-inch wheels. The massive rear wing remains, but there are now small spoilers under the wing mirrors that work to send more air to the intercooler intakes.

The rest of the upgrades are largely in places racers won't immediately see. They include a tweaked traction-control system, a selectable antilock brake system with four channels and a fine-tuned electronic differential. Those slipping into the 488 Challenge EVO will, however, find a steering wheel that draws inspiration from the FXX-K EVO. There's also a rear-camera system to make things a little more livable. Ferrari said customers clamored for such an option.

Good guy Ferrari won't require a whole new race car for these upgrades, though. The company said all of the updates will be available as a single upgrade kit for existing 488 Challenge race cars.

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Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO is race-day ready

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