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Everybody's working for the VW Atlas Weekend Edition

Just like Johnny Depp, Volkswagen loves itself some accessories.


Volkswagen doesn't just want you to buy a new Atlas crossover. It also wants to you buy accessories for that crossover, so it's built a concept that uses a whole bunch of 'em.

The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas Weekend Edition is a throwback to the Weekender packages on older VW models, but its real point is to show off its many accessories. Whether they're for show or actual capability, the whole shebang looks pretty slick.

Now I know what Volkswagen's next SEMA project should be -- an Atlas with a real pop-up roof.


Instead of a pop-up roof, which would surely violate safety standards in 2017, the Atlas Weekend Edition has a roof-mounted cargo box. It can expand to swallow 17.7 cubic feet of non-living things. (Please don't put living things in there. I cannot stress that enough.) Side steps help you reach the cargo box, and the carrier bars can also be used to hold skis, bikes, you name it.

Inside, there's a big ol' cargo divider to create a safe barrier for pets behind the second row. A trunk liner covers both the trunk and the seat backs for better protection. A universal tablet mount offers second-row entertainment without charging a bunch of coin for a dedicated entertainment system.

Not every part on the Weekend Edition will be made available. The chunkier tires seem like a stylistic choice, and while the LED light bars behind the grille look like they came from the factory, they did not. Others, like the 18-inch wheels, all-weather floor mats and splashguards will be made available when the Atlas goes on sale this coming spring.