Elon Musk teases electric Tesla semi truck at TED talk

Musk said previously that its debut is set for September.

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Conventional wisdom suggests that only the worst news is released on Friday afternoons. But Elon Musk is not really one for convention.

During a TED talk, the Tesla CEO showed a teaser image for his company's forthcoming electric semi truck. It's interesting in the sense that it doesn't look like any other Tesla on the road. The headlights are tall, instead of wide, which is more typical on trucks like this.

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The headlights certainly don't look like any other Tesla on the road.


What few panels we see look pretty sleek. Tesla strives for low drag coefficients, and the Model S is one of the most slippery cars in the biz, so it makes sense that Tesla would apply the same sort of engineering to its truck. Considering just how much weight these things are usually pulling, it's going to need every advantage possible to make the best of its battery.

Previously, Musk claimed that Tesla would unveil its semi truck in September. This isn't a full unveil, obviously, but it should help keep the conversation alive until then.

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