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DTV Shredder: Gnarly tank-inspired skateboard

Oh our FG! Get a load of the DTV Shredder -- a motorised skateboard that looks like a cross between a Segway, a skateboard Johnny 5 from the Short Circuit movies


Oh our FG! Get a load of the DTV Shredder -- a motorised skateboard that looks like a cross between a Segway, a skateboard and Johnny 5 from the Short Circuit movies.

Instead of wheels, the device uses two continuous tracks of the sort you’d get on a tank, and is powered by a 15hp 200cc Honda engine. It looks pretty easy to use, too. Forward motion seems to be activated by twisting the handlebar grip and steering is taken care of by leaning left or right on the skateboard-type platform that sits above the tracks.

By using continuous tracks, the DTV Shredder is able to tackle a variety of terrain. It’ll shred (that’s gnarly skate talk for "traverse") all manner of surfaces including tarmac, sand, dirt, mud or snow and can tackle slopes of up to 40 degrees and reach speeds of up to 30mph.

The designers of the DTV Shredder envisage it working just anout anywhere including in military applications. It can be operated remotely, meaning it can carry out reconnaissance missions in environments that may be too dangerous for soldiers. It can also carry a 1400lb payload and can embark on rescue and recovery missions, literally towing injured soldiers back to a safe haven on the back of a trailer.

There’s no word as to whether the US Military is actually interested in buying this thing, but just imagine how utterly badass they’d look, storming through a small banana republic riding a few hundred of these, raining hellfire on anyone that got in their way. The bad guys would give up on general principle.

The DTV Shredder was invented by Ben Gulak -- the Massachusetts Institute of Technology wonder-student behind the bizarre, but equally impressive Uno motorised dicycle. Canadian company BPG-Werks is accepting $250 (£161) pre-orders for the device, with a view to putting it on general release sometime in the near future. A final price is still to be confirmed.

See the thing in action for yourself by hitting play on the YouTube video below then tell us how utterly awesome you think it is below.