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Driver buys another Ford Fusion after bison crash

A woman survives crash with bison and replaces her wrecked Ford Fusion with a 2010 model.


Maureen Edgerton, 51, of West Yellowstone, Mont., was driving home April 11, 2009, when she crashed her 2007 Ford Fusion into a herd of bison. The 55-mile-per-hour impact totaled the car and killed several of the migrating animals on the snowbound highway. Edgerton, however, walked away with only minor scrapes and bruises. Impressed by the Fusion's crash protection, safety features, and fuel efficiency, Edgerton has picked the new 2010 Ford Fusion to be her next new vehicle.

"The crash was like a war scene. By the time it was over the hood was smashed in, the mirrors were ripped from the doors and the windshield was shattered, but the interior of the car wasn't affected whatsoever. And the car was still running and not leaking fluid. Not even the tires were deflated. Everyone who came to the scene asked 'what kind of car is this?' because they couldn't believe it was possible to walk away from such a crash," Edgerton said.

(Source: Ford Motor Company)