Dreamcase lets you sleep in your Tesla for $800, because that's a thing

This special bed-in-a-box is designed to fit the interior of your Tesla for maximum sleeping comfort, because that's totally a thing.

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Kyle Hyatt

Do you love your Tesla so much that you want to sleep in it? Maybe you're a camping enthusiast, or perhaps you're on a road trip that doesn't have fast chargers on part of the route. Do you put the front seats back, and prepare to wake up with a sore… well, everything? Nah, my dudes, not anymore because the Dreamcase exists!

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There's gotta be a better way!

thecapitalofromania via Imgur

The Dreamcase is a bed-in-a-box system designed to fit easily into your Tesla's trunk (only taking up, like, half of it) and then unfold when you want to catch some ZZZs. Inside, it contains a folding memory foam mattress, a duvet and pillows, or you can step up, be a baller, and get the one that comes with sheets.

The Dreamcase is available for Model S, Model X and Model 3 coming soon and prices start at $779 for the basic Model S unit. If you've got a Model 3, it's less expensive; ditto for Model X. The fancy Marko cotton satin sheets and pillowcases are, of course, extra.

Who is this wildly expensive and deeply silly product for, exactly? Are there that many Tesla owners trying to sleep in their cars so often that they'd pay upward of $800 for a built-to-purpose solution? Are they homeless-by-choice millennial Silicon Beach brogrammers living in their Model Xs by the beach because #vanlife?

We're just as confused as you probably are, dear reader. Still, this is a way better idea than the Autopilot Buddy, so at least there's that.