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Dodge debuts insane colors, striped-up Shakedown package

Want your Challenger in "Garbage Can" or "Mustard Stain" colors? You totally can.

2018 Dodge Challenger T/A in Plum Crazy

Fiat Chrysler isn't dumb. It knows that people buy the Dodge Challenger because it looks cool. It's not the best-handling car in its segment, or the fastest (unless you pony up for the Hellcat or Demon models), but it might be the best looking. That's why it offers so many different appearance packages and colors so hey, if you have a bunch already, why not add some more?

At LX Springfest, a celebration of Mopar's modern muscle in Pomona, California this past weekend, Dodge designers debuted the new Shakedown appearance package alongside some potential new colors with fairly ludicrous names. Want your new Challenger painted in a lovely hue of Garbage Can or perhaps Mustard Stain? How about Michigan Salt or the cleverly named "It's Not Green."

Considering the myriad of ways that they could have gone, these names are pretty tame. The colors though are fantastic. We especially love the aforementioned Mustard Stain and Michigan Salt, as well as Root Beer and Wicked Witch and hopefully they make it to production.

The asymmetrical stripes of the Shakedown package are definitely unique.


Dodge SRT is now offering the $995 "heritage-inspired" Shakedown package on all Shaker Hood-equipped Challengers. What kind of pseudo-nostalgia (the Shakedown package is based on a SEMA car from 2016) does your hard-earned money purchase when you check the Shakedown package option box?

Well for starters, you get some new asymmetrical black racing stripes that go from the rear decklid, up and over the roof and then around the Shaker hood scoop. Next, you get some white-faced gauges. Lastly, you get an upgraded audio system from Alpine with either six or nine speakers (depending on the model you have) and a 275-watt or 506-watt amplifier, respectively.

Hey everyone, Plum Crazy is back!


The other big news is the return of the classic B5 Blue and Plum Crazy paint colors to production, long favorites of the Chrysler cognoscenti. Plum Crazy was originally part of the High Impact Paint scheme that Dodge/Chrysler rolled out during the muscle car craze. Other hues included Sassy Grassy, Top Banana, Hemi Orange and Go Mango.

The Shakedown package can be had on any color Challenger R/T Shaker, R/T Plus Shaker or 392 Hemi Scat Pack Shaker and is available from dealers now.