Cruise and DoorDash are teaming up in San Francisco in 2019

SF residents can soon get their locally sourced, lovingly made organic farm-to-table food delivered by a cold, unfeeling robot car.

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Cruise AV
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Cruise AV

San Francisco residents can look forward to autonomous food deliveries this year thanks to a pilot program from DoorDash and Cruise AV.

General Motors

If you like having food delivered to you, but hate having to interact with the delivery driver, then the impersonal future you've always dreamed of may soon be upon you, provided you live in San Francisco. 

GM-backed self-driving car startup Cruise announced on Thursday that it's partnering with the delivery app DoorDash to start offering autonomous deliveries as a test program beginning this year.

"Delivery is a significant opportunity for Cruise as we prepare to commercialize our autonomous vehicle technology and transform transportation," said Cruise CEO Dan Ammann, in a statement. "Partnering with DoorDash will provide us with critical learnings as we further our mission to deliver technology that makes people's lives better and more convenient."

Details on the pilot program are a little thin on the ground, but Cruise did state that in addition to restaurant deliveries, grocery deliveries from select stores will be available. We also know that there are plans to expand the program beyond the San Francisco area in the future.

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