CNET on Cars 12: BMW 750Li vs. Lexus LS 460

In this episode, we find out if the BMW 750Li or Lexus LS 460 F Sport are more CNET-style, why you may be obsessing about the wrong thing about your engine, and the Top 5 ways The Man decides what technology is in your car.

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Brian Cooley
Roll with the BMW 750Li or Lexus LS460 F Sport
Watch this: Ep.12, BMW 750Li vs. Lexus LS 460 F Sport


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An embarrassment of riches this time as the 2013 BMW 750Li and Lexus LS 460 hit our garage on the same day. Some assignments are just more comfortable than others! But while both cars are luxurious, one felt much readier to cut it up on the road to my hands, and you might be surprised which.

A great Car Tech 101 in this episode, explaining the rather tricky relationship between horsepower and torque. We're conditioned to think about horsepower, but people who race, build, or design cars know it's really more about torque when it comes to responsiveness and fun driving. Prepare to get smart about why various cars drive so differently.

Having GPS nav and using GPS nav in a savvy way are not always synonymous: in Smarter Driver we give you our favorite tips for keeping one of the great in-car technologies from becoming one of the great in-car distractions, without some lame "Just turn it off" mantra.

E-mail me with your ideas for Car Tech 101 or Top 5 segments. If we use your idea, you get a CNET on Cars decal, which I personally oversaw the production of to make sure they aren't some cheap crap that would disgrace your car, helmet, or laptop!