Chrysler's future involves a 300 Hellcat, maybe a Neon

With only two cars in its current lineup, Chrysler has to do *something.*

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Automotive News regularly compiles its insider information to give the public an idea of what to expect from specific automakers. Today, it's all about Chrysler .

Right now, Chrysler only has two vehicles for sale under its name -- the 300 sedan and the Pacifica minivan. But that's set to change between now and 2020, with a heavy focus on crossovers and a few fun cars thrown into the mix.

According to AN's sources, the 300 sedan will get another refresh in 2019, focused on reducing weight and boosting fuel economy, instead of receiving an all-new generation on a new platform. A turbocharged four-banger might get thrown into the mix, but the most interesting rumor is that Chrysler will drop the 707-horsepower Hellcat engine into the 300's bay. Considering both Jeep and Dodge use that same engine, it makes sense that it would end up with Chrysler, too.

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A 707-horsepower 300? Sign me the hell(cat) up!


With no plans to revive the 200, and with the Dodge Dart equally dead, Fiat Chrysler is lacking in compact sedans . AN's sources claim that FCA is considering bringing the Fiat Tipo to the US, perhaps rebadged as a Chrysler Neon. Yes, you read that right -- the Neon could come back. But there's no official plan for this, and given Americans' tastes moving away from sedans, I wouldn't guess this is very likely.

There are two new crossovers in the mix, too. A midsize crossover, based on the Jeep Cherokee's platform and sporting a front-wheel-drive setup, is believed to start production in 2019. A larger, three-row crossover, likely reviving the Aspen badge, is slated for 2021. That one would be built on the Pacifica's platform.

Speaking of the Pacifica, AN says to expect a refresh in 2020, which is about the average amount of time it takes an automaker to refresh a vehicle. It won't be a new generation, but it'll probably look a bit different and bring over a few new features.

Of course, Chrysler won't confirm any of this on the record, as automakers routinely decline to discuss future product. But Automotive News has eyes and ears in every corner of the industry, so their rumors aren't just wild guesses. At the least, the idea of a 300 Hellcat is pretty exciting.

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