Chevy teases new Trailblazer and Tracker for Shanghai Motor Show

They're back, sort of, even though one didn't really ever leave.

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What year is it?!


Thinking about the Chevy Tracker in the US might conjure up memories of the Geo and other things I'm sure most Americans would be glad to never remember again. But clearly, Chevrolet is hoping that this connotation never made it to China.

Chevrolet announced this week that it will debut two new SUVs at the Shanghai Motor Show in April. They will carry two names familiar to many Americans -- Tracker and Trailblazer -- but in China, these will be people's first experience with two of Chevy's older nameplates.

While was happy to roll out details about its big Chinese debuts this month, Chevy is playing its cards a little closer to its chest. The automaker only says that the cars will have "GM's latest propulsion, intelligent connectivity and safety technologies." It doesn't even say how big these SUVs will be, only that they will join the in Chevrolet's Chinese SUV lineup.

In the US, the Chevy Tracker started life as the Geo Tracker, a tiny SUV built as a joint venture between GM and . It carried the Geo name in the US until 1998, when the Geo was killed off and it became the Chevy Tracker. The Equinox replaced it in 2004 in the US, but the Tracker lived on for a bit longer in Latin American countries.

The Chevy TrailBlazer (the B was capitalized back then) began life in 1999 as a fancy trim of the S-10-based SUV. In 2002, it became its own model, spawning a number of related vehicles across the GM empire like the , Oldsmobile Bravada and . There was even a TrailBlazer SS variant, which wielded the 6.0-liter LS2 V8 from the sixth-generation . The TrailBlazer lived in the US until 2009, but the badge finds life to this day in other markets, including Australia, where it's a rebadged Holden Colorado 7. 

Chevrolet Blazer looks sporty in RS trim

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