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Check out the full Tesla Model 3 owner's manual online

It apparently wasn't that hard to get.


Very few people have a Tesla Model 3 at the moment, and that number drops to zero if you exclude those close to the company, so you'd think that getting a peek at the owner's manual would be tough. Apparently, it wasn't.

InsideEVs brought our attention to an uploaded copy of the Tesla Model 3 owner's manual. The manual comes from a user of the Tesla Model 3 Owners Club group on Facebook, who phoned Tesla's roadside assistance to snag a copy of the owner's manual. Now, it's online for your viewing pleasure.

It's not a short read, measuring some 160 pages, but it's perhaps the best way to get up close and personal with Tesla's most affordable car to date, even if you don't plan on buying one in the near future. That said, it bears pointing out that this manual is approximately two months old, so there's a chance that it's been revised since this specific version was published.

For some prospective owners, this online manual may be the closest they come to a Model 3 for a while. Tesla only recently opened up the ordering process to non-employee reservation holders, and this comes after CEO Elon Musk pushed back a key production target from the end of this year to the end of Q1 2018.