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McLaren Speedtail, Paris and new Top Gear guys (Carfection Podcast, Ep. 10)

The Carfection team discuss McLaren's latest hypercar, the Paris Motor Show and more.

We are back, after a brief break, with a new Carfection Podcast. Drew and Henry have made it back into the studio to cover the latest supercar news, motorsport highlights and what the Carfection team have been out filming. 

McLaren has unveiled the Speedtail, a Hyper GT that is set to break all the records. The team discuss how it will compare to the likes of the F1, P1 and Senna. 

Also up for discussion are the new Top Gear hosts, the Paris Motor Show and some behind-the-scenes updates from an exciting but rainy shoot in Scotland. 

Carfection: Ftloc Podcast, Ep. 10

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