GM, FCA and Toyota side with Trump in California emissions fight

California, 22 other states and several other car companies will stand in opposition.

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Kyle Hyatt
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General Motors, Fiat Chrysler and Toyota have all sided with the Trump administration on the issue of California's right to set its own emissions standards.

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Amid President Donald Trump's attack on California's right to set its own emissions standards, four car companies signed an agreement to stand by California, in defiance of the federal government.

Those car companies are BMW, Ford, Honda and Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz reportedly planned to join them. Now a group of car companies has decided to throw its lot in with the White House on the issue instead.

According to a Reuters report Monday, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler and have agreed to intervene on behalf of the current presidential administration. 

This seems like a pretty risky move, especially considering that in addition to the group of automakers that have sided with California, 22 other states have decided to band with the Golden State and join it in its lawsuit against the EPA.

I say that move is risky because their decision could lead to negative publicity from Democrats as well as possible boycotts by consumers. Further, with what is likely to be a hotly contested presidential election on the horizon, it could place those automakers in a bad position if a new administration comes to power and decides to reverse Trump's decree.

"Instead of choosing the responsible path forged by four automakers and the state of California, one that will move us toward the cleaner, alternative fuel vehicles of the future, these companies have chosen to head down a dead-end road," Sen. Tom Carper of Delaware said in a statement.

This ordeal has already proven to be an extremely ugly fight, and given California's massive resources and political power, it looks to only get uglier from here.