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Cadillac releases native Spotify app for 2018 models

Cadillac has announced it's collaborated on its first native streaming app with the world's most popular music service Spotify

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Cadillac has announced the availability of a native Spotify app for its 2018 models which is designed to highlight driving-specific playlists.

Cadillac owners can download the Spotify app through the infotainment system's app store and use the vehicle's 4G LTE connection to listen to music without their phone. Cadillac says that 30 hours of listening equates to about 1 GB of data use.

The interface is designed to resemble the mobile and PC apps with five main screens: Home, Recently Played, Library, Browse and Mini Player.

Users will be able to access the artists and albums in their collection, browse using the touchscreen as well as access Spotify-curated selections including singalongs and driving songs.

Cadillac says the new app conforms to the Department of Transportation;s Driver Distraction Guidelines by minimizing the amount of information on screen and including larger font sizes.

Users can set Spotify playlists or artists as preset stations on the infotainment screen and switch between Spotify and FM radio. Spotify also says users will be able to switch from listening on a mobile device to car's onboard system seamlessly.

The Spotify app is now available on select Cadillac models including the XTS, CTS, ATS, CTS-V and ATS-V, and will soon be available on new Cadillac models rolling out, including the 2019 CT6.