Byton's M-Byte has a production interior as wild as the concept

The Chinese EV startup hopes to bring its flagship SUV to market by 2020.

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The M-Byte's interior is equal parts Range Rover and Blade Runner, with a dash of Minority Report thrown in for good measure.


We've been seeing various concept versions of Byton's M-Byte electric SUV for what seems like eons, but we've seen very little in the way of production-ready design from the Chinese startup. That changed on Thursday when the company decided to show off a few photos of the M-Byte's still wild interior.

We reported last year on the M-Byte's heavily screen-laden interior, with a massive 48-inch dash-spanning unit and even a screen in the vehicle's steering wheel and we're glad to see that those are still intact. The M-Byte also has another touchscreen down near the armrest that lets you control things like climate.

Even looking at the images provided by Byton makes it seem like the interior of the M-Byte will be a lot to take in. One thing we're extra-glad to see is the appearance of actual physical buttons and controls on the steering wheel, in addition to the screen mounted there.

"Byton has a well-developed global design team in both Germany and China, with top designers and specialists from 17 countries working together," Benoît Jacob, senior vice president of design at Byton, said in a statement. "The diverse cultural atmosphere of the team allows designers to fully interact with one another and understand the lifestyles, habits, and needs of consumers from different countries."

Byton is still hoping to bring the M-Byte to production by 2020, and that seems plausible given the length of time the company has spent in development.

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