A bulletproof Tesla Model S? Thank Borat for that

007, eat your heart out.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

When you're cozying up to watch a new action movie, there's a pretty good chance that you'll come across a high-end car or two. The never-ending supply of supercars in the James Bond franchise is a good example.

Now, thanks to a new picture starring Sacha Baron Cohen (of "Borat" and "Da Ali G Show" fame), it's Tesla's turn to hit the silver screen.

The Model S appears as part of a punch line in the trailer for "The Brothers Grimsby." After being told the car is bulletproof, Cohen's character lowers the window to mock the bad guys -- who might be terrorists, we're not sure, the trailer didn't explain it that well.

It's a pretty straightforward movie, following two brothers that are separated at a young age.

One grows up to be an assassin, and the other grows up to be...Sacha Baron Cohen. He's not exactly breaking new ground in the craft of acting, here. The car also appears to end up underwater later on in the trailer, but we doubt that the car is also a boat. Armor is dense and density is the enemy of buoyancy, after all. You can check the car out for yourself in theaters next spring.