Buick grants Avenir name to tip-top luxury sub-brand

I would rather have the car, but this is OK, too, I guess.

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Andrew Krok

Buick debuted its Avenir concept car to massive praise last year. Now, it's finally bringing the Avenir to market -- but not as a car. Instead, it will use the name to represent the top tier of Buick's lineup, similar to GMC's Denali.

As with Denali, when you order a Buick Avenir -- be it an Envision Avenir, a LaCrosse Avenir, or whatever is available with the badge -- you'll get the full complement of options available to Buick buyers. There will be unique aesthetic touches, like larger wheels and a "three-dimensional" mesh grille, which is a strange thing to tout because humanity currently exists in three spatial dimensions at all times.

The decision to build this sort of sub-brand came from the buyers themselves. Buick claims half its customers are conquest buyers from other brands, and luxury is always a key factor in purchasing a luxury car, naturally. The company says that 90 percent of Enclave buyers opt for one of the two top trims, so it's only natural to give the people what they want.

There's still a lot we don't know. It's unclear how many models this will extend to, and the complement of unique touches has not been explained in detail. Odds are, the brand will debut at one of the major US auto shows coming soon, whether it's Los Angeles in November, Detroit in January or Chicago in February.

I still want that car, though.

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