Bugatti teases new Divo hypercar with aggressive aero, a bit of noise

We're less than a month away from the Divo's unveiling, which should be a proper event.

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Andrew Krok

Bugatti will pull back the veil on its Divo hypercar on Aug. 24 at Monterey Car Week's The Quail event, but until then, it appears we'll have plenty of teasers to keep our collective attention captive.

Bugatti threw out some new teasers for the Divo this week. The video below offers a quick (and pixelated) look at some flashy taillights that appear a bit more aggressive than the single line of red LEDs adorning the Chiron, on which the Divo is based. More importantly, though, we get a brief hint of the Divo's 16-cylinder engine note.

Atop this text is Bugatti's second teaser, which shows off some of the more aggressive aerodynamic enhancements that will improve the Divo's handling above the Chiron's. It sort of reminds me of the aero that we first saw on Bugatti's wild Vision Gran Turismo concept from 2015, and I have zero qualms about that. It's nuts.

The Divo will turn the Chiron into a handling beast. Named after famed French racing driver Albert Divo, Bugatti promises that its latest model will be lighter and more agile, built for aggressive corner-carving rather than outright speed. Hopefully, Bugatti found a bit more power in that quadruple-turbocharged W16 engine -- but it's not like the Chiron's 1,500-horsepower output is anything to shake a stick at. We'll find out for sure in about three weeks.

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