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Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition Is an $85,000 Tribute to the W16 Mistral

Mistral owners can have the Baby II match their car's specifications if they prefer.

Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition
If you put this on your Christmas wish list, you'd better hope your family really likes you.

The Bugatti Baby II is quite the creation from the French automaker. It's basically a three-quarters-scale electric version of the old Bugatti Type 35. We took one for a spin, and it was exactly the blast you'd assume it would be. And now, there's a new version that pays homage to Bugatti's 16-cylinder swan song, the Mistral.

Bugatti this week unveiled the Baby II Carbon Edition. Its carbon fiber architecture and overall design are meant to pay tribute to the W16 Mistral, which will be the last road-legal Bugatti model to carry this impressive gas engine. People who are lucky enough to own a W16 Mistral can have their Baby II Carbon Edition designed to the same specifications as their full-size model, which is a pretty slick perk. Owners can also have the French flag hand-painted on the side, should they so choose.

Top speed is limited to 25 mph or so, which is never fast enough to get into real trouble.


Carbon is visible on many parts of the body, including the radiator, grille, dashboard, interior panels and rearview mirror mount. The black-wood steering wheel also features a carbon center. The LED headlights are arranged to resemble the Mistral's impressive lighting array, while the interior features billet-aluminum pedals. The interior also carries a custom engraved panel that carries the chassis number and model name.

Since the Bugatti Baby II is electric, some modifications have been added to bring the interior into the modern era. The fuel pressure gauge now shows battery percentage, while the oil gauge displays how much power is being put down. The fuel pump handle now takes care of shifting the vehicle into Drive, Reverse or Neutral.

Unsurprisingly, the Bugatti Baby II is not the most affordable affair, although it is when compared to a standard Bugatti's seven-figure price tag. The Carbon Edition will set a person back approximately $85,000.

The Baby II's interior is cooler than most actual cars costing the same amount.