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Bring on the Mustangs (SEMA preview)

Ford's Mustang has always been near and dear to aftermarket customizers, so it's no surprise that Ford's booth at the 2010 SEMA Show will be chock full of them.

Working off a Mustang GT, MRT delivers a tough street warrior theme with carbon effects throughout the interior and engine compartment, a custom color scheme and several performance modifications. A chassis upgrade, performance handling package, upgraded Baer brakes and a new MRT stainless steel exhaust all come together to deliver a performance driving experience for customers.
Ford Motor Co.
This MRT custom is one of many Mustangs that will flood the show floor at SEMA 2010.
This MRT custom is one of many Mustangs that will flood the show floor at SEMA 2010. Ford Motor Co.

Yesterday, we took a sneak peek at some of the custom Ford vehicles that will be on hand at the 2010 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV. However, that list was all Fiestas, Explorers, and Fusions. Where were the Mustangs?

Today, Ford delivers with an all-pony car preview of a few of the custom Mustangs, most of which started life as 5.0 GT models, that we'll see at the show. From the pink Creations n' Chrome convertible to the street-warrior-themed MRT custom coupe, it's always a thrill to see the completely different directions the customizers take when modifying their rides.

In addition to the Tjin Editions and Mobsteel customs, Ford also be showcasing its own special-edition Mustang Boss 302 and its track-ready Laguna Seca version.