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Brabus' mobile office concept is cooler than your cubicle

Can you believe that Brabus stuffed a conference room into a van?

Interior of the Brabus BRABUS 'Business Light' Concept for the Mercedes Viano
This mobile office concept is probably better appointed than your actual office. Brabus
Brabus Business Light exterior
Can you believe Brabus stuffed a conference room in here? Brabus

The office pictured above is fairly awesome. What's even more awesome is that it's a mobile office, located in the back of a van. The Brabus "Business Light" Concept for the Mercedes-Benz Viano is, besides a ridiculously long title, "the perfect partner for leisure and business with custom interior options, powerful engine tuning, exclusive exterior design and custom-tailored wheels," according to Brabus' own press release.

Of course, the Business Light features the requisite wheel, suspension, and aero/aesthetic upgrades over the stock Viano. Under the hood breathes a 6.1-liter V-8 engine that outputs 458 pound-feet of torque and 426 horsepower, which thrusts the van to 62 mph in 5.9 seconds and onward to an electronically limited 155 mph. This is Brabus, so we expect that sort of thing.

But any van enthusiast knows that it's what happens in the back that counts, and the Business Light doesn't disappoint in this respect.

The huge cabin features upholstery that's custom-tailored in leather and Alcantara to the individual customer's request. The rear compartment of the Viano can be transformed into a movie theater or concert hall on wheels, complete with state-of-the-art multimedia equipment, but in the case of the Business Light, Brabus has chosen to build a mobile office.

Brabus Business Light interior
Yo dawg, I heard you like work. So, we put an office in your car, so you can work on your way to, err, work. Brabus

First, Brabus installed four power seats in a conference configuration to turn the van into a mobile conference room and a fully functional office on wheels. Next, two motorized 15-inch LCD screens were integrated into the headliner and a large LCD television was integrated into the wall dividing the driver from the passenger compartment. These displays are connected to a DVD changer and a digital DVBT TV tuner.

The final bit of tech is a docking notebook computer that connects to the Internet via UMTS. In-vehicle Wi-Fi allows for the use of multiple computers on either fold out trays or an optional burled-walnut conference table. Storage areas for file folders and office materials are integrated throughout the rear compartment, as are cup holders and a built-in espresso machine (yum!).

Like any epic van, custom-tailored rear curtains provide privacy for the occupants.

All that's missing is an "If this van's a-rockin'..." bumper sticker.