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Brabham Automotive unveils BT62 supercar with a nod to racing legacy

The new UK (via Australia) car company is promising a car "pure-bred for the track and capable of setting blistering lap times."


The Brabham BT62.

Brabham Automotive

Brabham Automotive has revealed the first images of the upcoming Brabham BT62 after the car was unveiled at Australia House in London on Wednesday night, promising a road car it says is "truly worthy of carrying the iconic Brabham name."

First teased back in April, the BT62 is the first car from Brabham Automotive, a new company led by David Brabham, son of the legendary Australian Formula One driver Jack Brabham.

That legacy is on display, with the first shots of the BT62 showing off a green and gold paint job that gives a nod to the company's Australian legacy and the design of Brabham's original BT19 chassis.

More than two years in the making according to the company, the 700-horsepower BT62 will boast a carbon fiber body housing a 5.4-liter V8 engine and carbon-carbon brakes. All that will combine to create a car Brabham Automotive says is "pure-bred for the track and capable of setting blistering lap times."

According to reports, just 70 of the road cars will be manufactured with an asking price of £1 million each (roughly $1.36 million or AU$1.8 million). The prototype unveiled in London on Wednesday night was built in the ZF Lemforder factory at Edinburgh Park in South Australia, with reports indicating the 70-car run could also be manufactured in Australia. 

Brabham Automotive has given a nod to Jack Brabham's original green and gold BT19.

Brabham Automotive