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Boosted Rev is the electric skateboard maker's first scooter and it's $1,600

And it's worth every penny.

Joseph Kaminski Senior Associate Technology Editor / Reviews
During my almost twenty years at CNET, I handled benchmark testing/methodologies for both Mac and PC systems and, sometime after, integrated testing for micro-mobility (e-bikes, electric scooters and EUCs), which is a passion of mine. Transitioning from a BMX background to this field was seamless. Despite testing numerous products, each new one brings the same excitement as my first.
Joseph Kaminski
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Sarah Tew/CNET

Boosted, the electric skateboard maker, is finally rolling into the scooter market with the $1,600 Boosted Rev. Its dual motors churn out 1,500 watts of power for a top speed of 24mph with riders up to 250 pounds. Fully charged you'll be able to travel up to 22 miles depending on the rider, terrain and settings. 

The Rev has three performance modes: Mode 1 does approximately 12mph; Mode 2 has a top speed of 18mph; and Mode 3 will max out the scooter at 24 mph. I personally have a lead thumb and a need for speed, so with the thumb throttle wheel pushed to the max I got about half the rated travel distance. I was able to hit top speed going uphill, since the Rev has some serious power. 

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For those in hill country, the Rev has three different ways to stop: a spoiler foot brake, a hand/disc brake and a throttle brake that can also regenerate the scooter's battery. The throttle break proved to be enough for daily commutes through New York. There is also a bell next to the hand brake to let people know you're coming. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

Boosted went with air-filled tires over solid rubber with a suspension, and it works perfectly. Not only is the motor quiet, but the scooter itself is when going over bumps. From my experience, solid tires get the job done but can make a racket when going over uneven surfaces. The design is beautiful down to the reflective Boosted logos on the side. The base and handlebars are wide, which makes it easy to maneuver and to use one-handed (not recommended, though).

Locking up a scooter can be a challenge, but Boosted solved this on the Rev. The frame has a spot toward the front that a small chain can be passed through to lock it up for a short time. The steering tubing is impressive, too. Since I'm a big guy, everything I use feels like it's being pushed to its limits. The steering tube on the Rev is solid and had me feeling confident when riding it. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

Other pluses include the headlight, which is bright enough to be seen by others and makes it so you can actually see the road ahead of you. The scooter's display is visible in bright sunlight and, of course, at night and battery life is indicated with a green smiley-face light. Also, the handgrips, though not the most comfortable, don't twist like I've experienced on other scooters. 

Overall, the Boosted Rev is currently one of my favorite scooters to ride, but not to carry: It weighs 46 pounds. Also, there's an iOS and Android app for the Rev that wasn't available yet for the preproduction model I tested. Check back for my updated hands-on with the Boosted app soon or head over to Boosted's site for more details

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