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BMW 7 Series gets xDrive, M Sport package

BMW today announced xDrive all-wheel-drive versions of the 750i and 750Li.

BMW 7 Series wwith M Sport package
BMW of North America

BMW's flagship 7 Series will be updated for the 2010 model year with two all-wheel drive variants on the 750i and long wheelbase 750Li. In line with BMW's naming scheme, the new models will be known as the 750i xDrive and the 750Li xDrive.

The 7 Series xDrive models' all-wheel drive-system will be tuned for an emphasis on performance. Specifically, the system will identify and limit understeer and maintain neutral handling with a combination of torque shifting (up to 80 percent to the rear axle), throttle control, and rear-corner braking.

According to BMW, the "enhancements to xDrive ensure that the 750i xDrive and 750Li xDrive will be two of the most nimble all-wheel drive sedans available in any vehicle segment." When you consider the size of the 7 Series, that's a pretty big boast.

BMW 7 Series with M Sport package
The M Sport package adds a series of handling and aesthetic upgrades. BMW of North America

Additionally, the 7 Series will gain an optional M Sport package, which includes handling and aesthetic upgrades. Here's what you get:

"The M Sport Package includes an M steering wheel, lift-reducing aerodynamic kit, Active Roll Stabilization (RWD only), Shadowline trim, Anthracite headliner and 19" wheels with ultra-high performance tires. 20" wheels with ultra-high performance tires are available at additional cost. Carbon Black Metallic exterior paint is available with the new M Sport Package."

The 750i xDrive and 750Li xDrive, as well as the M Sport package upgrade for all 7 Series models, will be available in fall 2009 as 2010 models.