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BMW 5 Series, 7 Series will go electric to shave emissions from automaker

The X1 will also get a totally electric variant.

Bavarian (electric) Motor Works

The times, they are changing. Numerous automakers face more stringent emissions regulations than ever in various parts of the world, and Europe is chief among them. To meet new rules, automakers are taking a hard look at powertrains, and it's helping to birth more fully electric and electrified models than ever.

Count BMW in as it said on Monday it will shave CO2 production by 40% when it comes to new cars in use. To get there, the BMW 5 Series and 7 Series will go electric.

In a presentation surrounding its future, the German luxury brand said both sedans will adopt the choice of an electric variant. No, BMW won't scrap the internal combustion engine, but it will definitely give buyers the choice. And choice to achieve emissions goals  seems to be the name of the game at BMW.

The next 7 Series will come in four flavors: totally electric, gasoline powered with a mild-hybrid system, diesel and a plug-in hybrid. The 5 Series will join it with the same options, as will the small X1 crossover SUV. The iX3 will kick off BMW's battery-electric wave, though it won't be sold in the US. We will see the production iNext SUV, which will serve as a flagship electric vehicle, and the i4 electric sedan will be BMW's dart seeking a bullseye to knock Tesla's Model 3 down a peg.

The electrified future isn't too distant, either. BMW said it has 25 electrified cars coming by 2023 and 12 of them will be totally electric at that.

Not only is BMW looking into cutting CO2 from its cars while they're active, but its initiatives will also work to reduce CO2 produced from vehicle production by 80%. The automaker plans to meet these goals in the next 10 years, and by then, we'll surely see an even greater number of electric cars from the premium marque.

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