BluClik remote helps keep hands on wheel, not phone

Control your digital media in the car without fumbling with your phone thanks to iSimple's Bluetooth remote.

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Antuan Goodwin

The iSimple BluClik aims to keep your fingers and eyes off of your phone when behind the wheel. iSimple

For many older cars, plugging your phone into the auxiliary audio input is one of the easiest, most universal ways to bring your digital audio library and a wide range of streaming media apps with you on the road. The problem with this analog connection is that it's unidirectional; you still need to touch the phone to simply skip tracks. In many states, touching your device while driving is frowned upon. What's a safe driver to do?

The iSimple BluClik is essentially a small, coin-sized Bluetooth remote that attaches to your car's steering wheel or dashboard. On its face are a smattering of buttons that allow the driver to control the volume, skip tracks, and fire up their voice command system of choice (such as Siri, Samsung S-Voice, or Google's Voice Dialer) all without unlocking the phone or fiddling with its screen.

If it works as advertised, the BluClik could make interacting with digital media on the road safer, allow the phone to be stowed out of sight when behind the wheel, and help the driver to keep eyes on the road.

The BluClik is currently available at an MSRP of $39.95. We'll be putting it to the test soon, so stay tuned for our full review.