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Blinded by the light: Tesla offers free sunshades to Model X owners

That panoramic windshield doesn't exactly have the best brightness mitigation, it appears.

This image will send chills down the spine of anyone who's attempted to put a kiddie pool back in its original tote bag.


One of the more interesting design features of the Tesla Model X electric SUV is its windshield. Stretching up over the heads of front-seat occupants, it's quite impressive to behold. But the visors that come with the car are a bit...lacking in the sun-blocking department. Thankfully, Tesla has the answer -- more parts for owners to deal with!

According to Teslarati, Tesla emailed Model X owners, saying that it will be shipping out detachable sunscreens free of charge. The sunshade will cover up the portion of the windshield where visors cannot reach -- which is just about everywhere above the rearview mirror.

Teslarati cites the automaker's email as saying that the sunshade will block two thirds of the light and heat coming from above the driver's head. If you're interested in seeing how it works, the installation manual is available to peruse in PDF format. There's even a cute little cover for storing it when it's not in use.

Would larger pillar-mounted visors be a good idea? Sure, but there's all sorts of weird packaging quirks to work around. The Model 3 will likely be loads simpler, as it appears to have a normal windshield with proper visors. And even though its design is likely to change between now and production, it shouldn't change by that much.

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