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Bike-maker Woom now has a premium e-bike for your kids

Built with kids' sizes in mind, these pedal-assist electric bicycles will give them a boost in any condition.

Joseph Kaminski

Kids' bicycle company Woom announced Wednesday its first e-bike line, the Up 5 and 6. The bikes, designed to fit kids approximately size 50- to 65-inches tall, feature a 250-watt Fazua drive system for up to 12 miles per hour of pedal assist. The bikes also have an SRAM NX drivetrain, an adjustable air-suspension fork, hydraulic disc brakes and an aluminum frame.

The Woom Up e-bikes were made to give kids a way to experience pedal-assist biking without having to use small-sized adult electric mountain bikes, which are heavy and not built with kids in mind, said CEO Mathias Ihlenfeld in the press announcement. These kid-specific bikes are roughly 30% lighter than adult bikes and have appropriate geometry and component sizing for a kid's smaller hands, arms and legs.

Joseph Kaminski

The Woom Up 5, made for ages approximately 7 to 11, has 24-inch wheels and is $3,599, while the Up 6 will fit riders about 10 to 14 years old and has 26-inch tires. It's priced at $3,749. They are recommended for kids with riding experience and not for those learning to ride. (Prices for other regions weren't available but conversions start at roughly £2,540 or AU$4,640.)

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Joseph Kaminski

I currently have one in-house for full testing with my daughter's help. But so far it looks like a beautifully designed bike with the positioning of the motor and battery perfectly balanced. Plus, you can remove both to convert it into a normal on- or off-road bicycle.

The bikes also work with an app, Fazua Rider, which allows you to change power modes, monitor the motor data and record stats. 

Both are available to order now from the Woom website

Joseph Kaminski