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Big updates for Android Auto, big updates on automotive cheaters. (AutoComplete Podcast 19)

In this week's rundown of the biggest stories, Brian and Tim discuss the latest cheats and shady happenings in the car world, plus all the automotive-related news from Google I/O.

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AutoComplete Podcast, Ep. 19

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AutoComplete Show Notes:

- Android Auto News:

Android Auto adding Waze, will soon work in any car

Your next car might run Android N

MyHyundai to bring brand-specific features to Android Auto

- Other Auto News:

Tesla says 12,200 Model 3 orders canceled

Volvo provides the first look at its new range of smaller cars

Uber now lets you track rides of family, friends

Uber's first self-driving car pulls out onto the streets of Pittsburgh


GM to compensate crossover buyers for mpg error

This is the world now: Suzuki also admits to cheating on fuel-economy tests

Nissan denies claims it faked emissions figures in S. Korea

Mitsubishi president steps down amid fuel economy scandal

VW Group faces U.S. patent probe over hybrids

- More Auto News Continued:

Check for recalls? There's a GM app for that

Google's sticky car patent glues pedestrians in place after an accident

- New on Roadshow This Week:

2016 Mini Cooper S is sassy but not necessarily small

Mercedes' C300 Coupe is curvy, comfy and a competent handler

The manual V12 Vantage S may be the perfect Aston Martin

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