Best 4th of July new car, truck and SUV deals for 2020

Automakers are ready to serve up some stellar deals on new cars, trucks and SUVs this Independence Day.

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The Explorer has some good deals attached to it for the holiday.

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While automakers have largely pulled back some of the most aggressive incentives we'd seen in a long time amid the coronavirus pandemic, that doesn't mean there aren't some killer deals to be had on new cars for the 4th of July celebration.

Thanks to the auto pricing wizards at TrueCar, we've compiled the best deals to be had for Independence Day, based on numerous offers available. The deals are split into the best for passenger cars, SUVs and trucks, so don't fret. There's something for every new car shopper. On average, new vehicles show average savings of 10.5%, according to the data. And although 0% interest financing is harder to come by, the average interest rate is still rather low at 5.99%.

"While automakers are beginning to pull back on 0% financing offers over 84 months, we're still seeing 0% offers over 72 and 60 month loan terms holding strong and up about 4-5 times when compared with the same period last year," said Nick Woolard, Director OEM and Affinity Partner Analytics.

The data pinpoints a single new vehicle for a price category around a certain dollar amount, as close as it can get. Do know, just because there's, say, a Honda Accord that retails for almost $30,000, that doesn't mean there aren't cheaper options. The best deal happens to exist for this particular price point.

Without further ado.

The best deals for cars

Kicking things off is the Mitsubishi Mirage in the ~$10,000 range, which is already an inexpensive transportation choice. On average, buyers will find nearly $1,000 off the MSRP. For a little more bang for your back, the Chevrolet Malibu is a good deal for around $20,000. Buyers will score on average $3,200 off the MSRP.

For those shopping something more luxurious, the Audi A3 could be the entry-level ticket. With an MSRP of $32,306, the data shows an average savings of $4,289. If simply scoring the best deal is your goal, a Mercedes-Benz C-Class is almost 12% off MSRP with savings of $7,686.

Best 4th of July deals on cars

MSRP Price Range MakeModelMSRPSavings %Average Savings $
~$10,000 MitsubishiMirage$14,0196.50%$971
~$20,000 ChevroletMalibu$19,77013.90%$3,200
~$30,000 HondaAccord$28,2599.90%$3,115
~$40,000 AudiA3$32,30611.70%$4,289
~$50,000 AcuraTLX$40,84410.90%$4,981
~$60,000 Mercedes-BenzC-Class$56,95911.90%$7,686
~$70,000 JaguarF-Type$60,7637.60%$4,962
~$80,000 MaseratiGhibli$66,53212.40%$9,453

Best deals on SUVs

This is probably the section you were waiting for since Americans can't get enough SUVs these days and passenger cars are so two decades ago.

The deals are a little more tame on the inexpensive side of things, but for buyers ready to drop around $40,000 on a Ford Explorer, there's good news. With an MSRP of $35,952, the Explorer fills the ~$40,000 category with an average savings of $4,203. Going above $40,000 puts you into luxury SUV territory, but back down around the $20,000 mark, the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport houses the best deals this Independence Day with an average savings of $2,265 off its $23,790.  The doubles of models listed simply mean at the particular price point, the SUV was still the best deal for the holiday.

Best 4th of July deals on SUVs

MSRP Price Range MakeModelMSRPSavings %Average Savings $
~$20,000 MitsubishiOutlander Sport$23,7909.50%$2,265
~$30,000 MitsubishiOutlander Sport$27,34011.80%$3,223
~$40,000 FordExplorer$35,95211.70%$4,203
~$50,000 AcuraMDX$50,52113.20%$6,654
~$60,000 AcuraMDX$57,27512.60%$7,217
~$70,000 InfinitiQX80$68,1459.30%$6,351
~$80,000 CadillacEscalade$82,4909.90%$8,183

Best deals on trucks

Ah, the pickup truck. Once a simple tool, America has largely embraced the pickup as somewhat of a modern-day renaissance figure that can do it all -- including take the kids to school. There's a mix of deals depending on what a truck buyer needs, but nevertheless, light and heavy duty trucks are represented.

Sadly, the pickup poster child, the Ford F-150 isn't part of the deals. But for those looking for a full-size pickup at a good price, the Ram 1500 Classic is where it's at in the ~$30,000 category. It's not the fancier current-generation, but instead the previous-gen truck. That doesn't mean it's a poor pickup, and on average, buyers will score $3,543 off MSRP. The Chevrolet Colorado is another good choice, especially for those in need of a smaller pickup. For the ~$20,000 category, buyers on average will save about $700 on the Colorado. On the heavy duty side, the big GMC Sierra 3500HD will be ready to report for duty with average savings of $7,656 on its MSRP of $38,395.

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Best 4th of July deals on trucks

MSRP Price Range MakeModelMSRPSavings %Average Savings $
~$20,000 ChevyColorado$22,4333.10%$698
~$30,000 Ram1500 Classic$34,49510.30%$3,543
~$40,000 GMCSierra 3500HD$38,39520.00%$7,656
~$50,000 Ram3500$48,29510.30%$4,989
~$60,000 Ram1500$55,36011.00%$6,040
~$70,000 FordSuper Duty F-450$68,24510.00%$6,647
~$80,000 FordSuper Duty F-450$84,9414.30%$3,635

The cars, trucks and SUVs with the best 4th of July deals

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