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Bentley claims Pikes Peak victory in production SUV class

The VW I.D. R wasn't the only winner from the Volkswagen Group.

You won't lose this thing on the way up the hill, that's for sure -- you could see this paint job from space.

Volkswagen Group had a good year at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Not only did its electric race car take home an overall record, but one of its lesser-known entrants took home a class trophy, also.

Rhys Millen piloted a largely stock Bentley Bentayga to victory in the production SUV class. Its 10:49.9 time slashed nearly two whole minutes off the previous record of 12:35.61, achieved in a 2014 Range Rover Sport. The only modifications to the vehicle were for safety and regulations -- a bit of weight removal, plus an added roll cage, sports exhaust, racing seat and fire suppression system.

Bentley needed to average about 60 mph across all 12.42 miles and 156 turns in order to secure the record. The 600-horsepower Bentayga averaged 66.5 mph, so clearly Bentley didn't have all that much to worry about.

To celebrate the occasion, Bentley will release a limited-edition version of its first production SUV. Limited to just 10 models, the SUV will feature a number of interior and exterior design elements in the same shade of Radium green that covers the Pikes Peak car. There are a few Pikes Peak logos spread about the interior, as well, in addition to numbered doorsill plates. Customers in the US and Europe can order one starting in August.

You'll really have to love Pikes Peak to get down with this limited-edition model.