Bentayga Mulliner: When a $229,000 Bentley isn't enough

It will be built in very limited numbers, as one might expect.

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In the world of high-end vehicles, somebody is always going to want something that's a smidge better than everyone else. For that discerning buyer, let me present to you the Bentayga Mulliner.

Bentley built the Bentayga Mulliner as the ultimate expression of SUV luxury, and boy howdy, it sure sounds like it fits the bill. With plenty of craftwork from the talented hands in Bentley's Mulliner in-house customization division, this limited edition ute is genuinely impressive.

The exterior stands out with a two-tone paint job, the first time it's offered on the Bentayga. The second tone covers the hood and cabin, and starting in April, it will be extended to the entire Bentayga range, too. There's also a set of Mulliner-specific, 22-inch alloy wheels with "floating" center caps that keep the B upright at all times. Fancy.

Bentley Bentayga Mulliner
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Bentley Bentayga Mulliner

I'll take three. I won't be able to pay for them, but I'll take them.


The real interesting bits are inside, though. The front and rear leather seats are finished in different colors, featuring by-hand contrast stitching and Mulliner-exclusive embroidery patterns. A new veneer transitions from black to burr walnut on various interior panels, including the center console.

Since a fancy excursion almost always requires champagne, there's a Mulliner bottle cooler in the rear of the cabin. The fridge (let's be honest, it's just a small refrigerator) is illuminated, and it comes with crystal flutes create specifically for this setup. Capping off the fancy-pants interior is a configurable mood lighting system featuring 15 different colors.

If that's not enough, there are more options. Buyers can opt for the Linley Hamper, which adds an actual refrigerator, fine china, cutlery, even more crystal glassware and a storage area for dry goods. The Mulliner Tourbillon is also available, which puts a Breitling-built watch smack dab in the center of the dashboard. The latter option costs about $160,000 on the standard Bentayga, as well.

Underneath, the powertrain is the same as before. A 6.0-liter W12 engine puts out 600 horsepower and 663 pound-feet of torque through its all-wheel drive system. 60 mph arrives in 4.0 seconds, and the top speed is 187 mph. The Bentayga Mulliner will be on display at the Geneva Motor Show, and you'll be able to order it this spring.

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