'Back to the Future'-themed VW Bus is expensive, heretical

Who chops up a perfectly good Type 2 and puts gullwing doors on it?

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Velocity Motorcars

If you're going to build a car that sports a "Back to the Future" theme, it should probably be a car that was featured heavily in the film.

Velocity Motorcars in Nashville, Tennessee, is currently offering a "BTTF"-themed 1967 Volkswagen Bus for sale. What makes it themed as such, you ask? Well, that's easy -- there's a flux capacitor installed inside, as well as some iffy-quality re-creations of the pieces that adorned a DMC DeLorean in the actual movie.

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$89,995? For what?

Velocity Motorcars

So what does a VW Bus have to do with this movie? Well, aside from it being the vehicle from which Libyan terrorists tried to chase down Doc Brown, the answer is "not much." There's also a yellow Bus seen at the end of the first movie and the beginning of the second, but again, that's a tenuous connection at best, and neither are time machines.

To make matters even more confusing, whoever owned this Bus also chopped it up and added a set of DeLorean-style gullwing doors. These vehicles are not easy to find in good condition, and chopping a perfectly fine example to add these doors is not going to win over any purists. Hopefully, this one was a salvage find and was restored afterward.

Admittedly, the rest of the Bus seems very well restored, with a near-immaculate interior and some fresh-looking paint outside. Then again, when you're charging a stratospheric $89,995 for something, it had better be fresh. If you're really pining for the past with a dose of the future, you can spend only a slice of that scratch on the funky electric ID Buzz when it goes on sale early next decade.

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